The Black Hawk Digital will help ensure that your clients make the best memories possible at your event. From the features on offer, such as custom animations, and bespoke graphics, the photo booth has designed in such a way as to ensure that the user’s experience is nothing short of breathtaking.

Besides, you can choose to have every aspect of the Black Hawk branded including the touchscreen interface, the posterior of the faceplate, down to the Booth stand with elements of your brand such as your logo. This will help ensure that your brand is associated with every memory that exists of the awesome event you are hosting.




Black Hawk Photo Booth

The Black Hawk Photo Booth was manufactured with smaller venues in mind, yet the quality of the technology used is not diminished in any way. With the Black Hawk, you can rest assured that your pictures are as awe-inspiring as other products of ours are. Besides, you can rest assured that your guests will find the wondrous circle of light irresistible.
















Several guests can’t resist the pull of the spotlight that the Black Hawk offers them. They also usually can’t resist having pictures of themselves taking for keepsakes.

Apart from helping provide your guests with awesome pictures, the Black Hawk is also useful for marketing purposes as it can be used to collate and store functionality. This is via survey questions asked as well as certain games that have been designed to gather customer insights.










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