Since you are on our website, you have no doubt already visually seen the difference.  At Hawkman Entertainment, we believe in having modern next generation photo booth equipment, that not only takes photos, but provides a truly interactive over the top fun experience for your guests.  

We will never offer a traditional photo booth, with the little stool, and the tiny curtain, which only fits 1-2 people, and produces a tiny 2″x6″ photo strips that you literally need a magnfiying glass to resemble who is in the photo or see any detail.  

We only offer the best technology in an open air Photo Experience Concept.  All Digital touch screens for your guests to interact during their photo sessions.  And the list of customizing your experience with custom digital photo frames, custom on screen welcome videos, custom text & email messaging to further communicate with your guests, and follow up capabilities after you event is complete is unrivaled.  This is a Game Changer, a Wow effect for you and your guests, and will definitely steal the show!!

Optimum set up space 20ft x 20ft. This leaves enough room for backdrop (8′ wide x 8′ tall), Red Carpet & Stanches (7′ x 11′), Mirror or Black Hawk Equipment, Printer Stand, & Props Table, if applicable. However, if space is limited, we did pretty decent in Geometry class back in high school and will work to make any accomodations work magically!!   We will need access to a stand 110V power plug within 6′ of our Photo Equipment & the facilities WIFI password.

After arriving at  your venue: 60-90 Minutes

15-30 minutes to bring equipment inside

45-60 minutes to do a complete set up ensuring all of our equipment is dialed in for peak performance

After your event is complete, we are normally packed up and out of the building within 30 minutes.

Bookings are taken well in advance, therefore to secure your date we would advise you to book as soon as your event is confirmed. Keep in mind we are very busy during peak season and weekends. We will always try to accommodate last minute bookings depending on availability.

They are incredibly fun and entertaining for your guest to use and they create amazing memories of your special event. As soon as your guests see that there is a magic mirror at your event, there is no stopping the fun. The possibilities are endless and everyone will remember your party because of it.

Our Hawkman Photo Mirror Experience equipment when fully setup with flash equipment is 7′ Tall, 3′ Wide, 14″ Deep.

Our Black Hawk is just under 6′ Tall, 18″ Wide, 12″ Deep.

Our Backdrops are all 8′ Wide x 8′ Tall

Awesome! You can click BOOK NOW tab and fill out the simple form through our booking system which doesn’t take more than a few minutes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask as well as we can set up a FREE Consultation.